Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Planning Fallacy - Tides EP (repost)

Twice the album art cause the pic is so small.

Anyway, rapidshare deleted this, so mediafire woo. The quality is shitty (128) but whatever, it's all I could find. These guys were awesome... one of those bands that I listened to repeatedly in for hours in high school, one of the bands that made me start singing. I've been listening to it on repeat again lately, since I found it.

Very spacy "post hardcore" with really great singing and weak but enjoyable screams. The instrumental aspects of this band are about as chill as Jonny Craig on DBM2.


P.S. Karl Marx And Friends part 2: Casterbation, get pumped.

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dext said...

i have those two demo songs the have on their myspace page.