Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nicole 12

Nicole 12 is noise, but not noise like Mossana or those other dumb Japanoise artists; nor noise-rock like Sonic Youth. Nicole 12 is the brainchild of Miko Asspa; if you are already familiar with harsh noise electronics then this could just be the next step is what you need to hear but if not then please be weary. The power of "Substitute" is summed up by a warning that is included in the packaging for the length :
"Due to the Unusual nature of this release it could be expected that some persons feel uncomfortable when hearing or reading the material. That’s why they invented the Stop button to your CD player and possibility to re-sell/throw away records"
You'll be glad to know that the "Braces" 7" is not as harsh as the complete album so you might want to start off with that one.

Any who, the content is considerably fucked up and after two tracks or so you get naseous or at least a little bit creeped by the remarkable commentary being said while there are glitches and pounds of static flowing through your speakers. All in all it is truly a spectacle that can only be listened to loud and as obnoxious as possible.

But seriously, fucked up shit.

Braces 7"


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