Monday, April 9, 2012

Chinesedream. - Chinesedream.

Finally it's here. This is the fucking leak you have been waiting for. The very emo-y Chinesedream. have finished their new recordings and let me in on them. They deliver two reworked tracks with a fuller and more complete sound, as well as three newer songs that are totally fucking wrecked. For some reason this totally comes off as hxcmp3 2002-2005 type of screamo stuff that skramz the fuck out of peoples heads, with a little more oomph though. The recording is way better sounding than their Demo.

Chucks vocals are just to fucking die for. Honestly they come off bratty when not full on screamed, which is amazing, it's totally mimicking the snottiness and brattyness of punk bands. The rest of the time Chuck is screaming painfully or kind of whimpering, and even then the rest of the band adds (I think, unless it's all just Chuck, and if so, congrats on having varied vocal styles) their own singing vocals and grunts which creates a more urgent kind of band than what was heard on their demo. Often times it leaves us with gorgeous shout bouts with the electronic noises zapping around (just like at the very end of frustration, a reworked song with a shorter title that was on their demo) done by drummer Sonny, that sounds like something ripped out of Burn, Piano Island Burn or Hypermagic Mountain, whose drums are full on in these recordings. Totally full on, sound wise and playing wise, I have no other way to describe it. Lance plays amazing too, sometimes the guitars are blackened in a way in that each chord just blends on top of one another that it's kind of discernible in a constant discordant fashion. New member Dave adds to the mix with his own flavor by way of the Bass, grooving to the rest of the bands discordant sound, distributing a more fuller sound that, once again, sounds a bit sad and moody (even when following Lance) as the rest of the band feels like it's on the verge of exploding, awesome.

We open with a reworked version of an introduction to discomfort which would sort of clue you in on what you are in for. What you end up getting is something louder and way more intense sounding. The end of the song is different due to Sonny's addition of electronic sounds which he has managed to incorporate instead of using a hi-hat, and it worked out! So there you go screamos, experimentation works! The next track, eternity, chaos, is more of an intro to the next jam, harmony korine's glasses, and is 4 minutes of sound clips ripped straight from Korine's often disturbing movies. As such, I can guess a ton of people will definitely be annoyed with that, but hey, fuck you. harmony korine's glasses starts off with some noise, and Chuck stating that life is too short, eventually his vocals collapse and he gets a little snotty. Pure awesome. The screaming whelp 44 seconds in reminds me why this band has something I totally dig. Chuck switches it up with a grunt that is sort of like a build up of the moaning snottiness earlier in the song. my fingertips, your fingertips, ours is the Chinesedream. song that is kind of reminiscent of the demo (even more than the two reworked songs), but Lance's guitar playing is so fucking good on this, especially when he plays in a groovy way, that it's like the band has matured no matter how much they still sound like their old selves (which isn't a bad thing). Maybe even the incorporation of Dave's bass playing is what does this. Up next is the anthem of our generation, basically, the fucked up chicken violence (minor note: haha, I came up with that term on so I could hear bands of a certain style on the chicken violence radio thing that does, and I was kind of embarrassed for myself when the band knew that). Immediately we descend into the reworked frustration ( which was titled a dramatic display of frustration and questions that wield no answers on their demo). The song is nearly the same as the demo, yet has that wonderful electronic pulse that Sonny adds to the songs. It ends with the same screamy chant (This is where I begin, this is where you end!), yet it sounds cleaner, it sounds fuller. Also, Chuck's spoken word is cut short, and sounds more tired and beat up, er frustrated I suppose. Serious, what a fucking awesome release.

Chinesedream. - Chinesedream.

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