Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Blood Brothers - March on Electric Children

When this first came out, there was nothing sassier or scarier. I'm sure a bunch of lardo's figured this band was headed by some chick and her gay friends, and about most of the time they are right, but this time they were wrong. While the two singers from this band performed as though they were David Bowie X 3242343 with more Diva in them than Whitney Houston, they're not girls. At least not yet. So spastic, so fast, at times provocative and (I believe what set them apart) so damn catchy. Rue Morgue, After School Knife Fight and ILM probably would've hit the same level if they ever got the attention of bigger labels.

The Blood Brothers - March on Electric Children

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Tom Novak said...

Please re-upload! I'm having trouble finding this easily.