Sunday, September 25, 2011

The End Of Six Thousand Years - Demo 2011

The End Of Six Thousand Years is a really tight metalcore band from Ravenna, Italy. They take a lot of cues from Embrace The End (they even did a split together), they're highly influenced by '90s melodic death metal. However, whereas Embrace The End went more on the technical "mathcore" route for their full length following the split (Ley Lines), TEOSTY basically cut out their metalcore influence on their album (Isolation), and turned into a straight forward melodic death metal band with some ambient guitar build ups here and there. This demo sees them following that ambient route, with more sludgy parts and a lot more crust influence.

This is a poor quality web-rip and I just put their name on a picture from their facebook page, but trust me, this shit is GOOD.

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