Sunday, April 10, 2011

Demeanor - The Slugs Throne (2010 omg late 2 da party)

Demeanor is a two piece from Kentucky, consisting of a vocalist/guitarist and a drummer. An extremely talented two piece that sounds like a complete band. Their sound is thick and layered; heavy as that guy who died fused to his couch in Ohio.

Everywhere I've looked Demeanor has been referred to as a "harcore/grind based act"... in other words, they're a gray area band. This release is 12.6 minutes of mind-raping post blackened sludge-grind, with a misanthropic atmosphere to give Kierkegaard a run for his money. That sounds dumb as hell, I know, and it was kind of the point. Trying to describe Demeanor as hardcore or grind is just silly, it's far too out there, but it's brilliantly cohesive and distinct in feel. One moment you've got an epic "post black metal" sounding riff, and the next moment the song's three times faster and dissonant as all hell, the prime example of this being the ending of the first track A Stable Life, A Bright Future.


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