Wednesday, October 20, 2010

September 22nd - Hello, Throne

I forget who showed me this, one of their friends is all I recall, but these dudes put this album up on myspace a while back... and of course myspace deleted the link because you know, it's TOTALLY illegal for unsigned bands to put their own uncopyrighted material up for free download. Totally illegal...

Anyway, this is a bizarre mix of screamo, post metal, and post hardcore. Kind of long winded, but extremely groovy and relaxing sounding. Vocals really remind me of As Cities Burn, but I remember their one friend getting offended and telling me there's no similarity between the vocals... judge fo yoself.

Oh, and it's a concept album about The Book Of The Duchess by William Chaucer.


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Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this.

we've posted our earlier EPS to download for free if you would like to listen to them. and, perhaps, put them on your blog.

there is also a september 22nd facebook account, but that really doesn't matter.

thank you again.